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Financial & Loan Calculators and how to use them

No matter what the situation at hand may be, it’s never a bad time to run a few quick calculations to weigh your options for an upcoming financial decision. Any of our financial and loan calculators will help to address the question(s) that you have and help you determine how much financial assistance you may need.

Home Financing

You have found the house of your dreams and now you’re in the process of making it your home. We’re sure that you have lots of financial questions, like: How much will my mortgage payments be? Is it even feasible for me to buy this house?

Our home financing loan calculators are great tools that will provide you with a realistic view of your financial status and put to rest some of those nagging questions that keep you up at night. Simply adjust the numbers on the loan calculators until they best represent your situation and start getting answers today.

Personal Financing

Do you find yourself scratching your head, trying to make sense of the bills that are piling up on your counter? The personal financing loan calculators above will help you devise a game plan to save money for an upcoming expense, reduce your debt, consolidate your loans and more. Enter the numbers and modify the appropriate variables so they best represent your personal financial status.


If you are interested in flexible security and growth, Diamond Credit Union offers a variety of federally-insured Money Market Accounts. Not ready to open up your own portfolio quite yet? The investment calculators can help you understand how to save, when to save, and the yield on your investments.


Whether you have been working for thirty years or you just landed your first job out of college, it’s important to plan for retirement. Use the retirement calculators to help you understand your best options for saving for a comfortable life after you’ve left the working world.


Have more questions? Stop into any one of our branches or speak with any of our Diamond Financial Representatives at 800-593-1000.