Card Emergencies


To help ensure the security of your account(s) at Diamond, an expanded fraud detection and prevention service has been added on Diamond Visa Debit Cards at no cost to members. If you have provided Diamond with a cell number, this monitoring service will now alert you of possible unusual activity on your account(s) by text message. These messages originate from Diamond and may show as sender number 328-74. You will be prompted to respond using your cell. If no reply is received, the monitoring service will attempt to contact you by your phone numbers on file.

These texts will only ask members to verify if they did or did not make the purchase(s) in question. They will not ask for account or personal information. If you have any doubt on the validity of the text, or have general questions about this monitoring service, please contact Diamond’s Call Center at 800-593-1000. Verizon®, AT&T™, Sprint™ and T-Mobile® users within the U.S. will not be charged standard data or message rates for these alerts.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: It is extremely important that you provide Diamond with your updated contact information, including cell number and email address so that we can reach you regarding suspicious debit card or credit card activity.

During NORMAL BUSINESS hours: (Locations/Hours)

To report a lost or stolen Diamond VISA or MasterCard, or for other card problems such as fraud on your card or declined transactions, contact Diamond Card Services during normal business hours (Eastern Standard Time) at 610-326-5490 or toll-free at 800-593-1000.

During NON-BUSINESS hours:


To report a LOST or STOLEN VISA debit card:

Dial 800-754-4128 in the U.S. and follow the prompts (or 001-410-581-7931 Internationally).

For DECLINED VISA debit card transactions, or to REPORT FRAUD on your VISA debit card:

Dial 800-593-1000, option 3 and follow the prompts .

NOTE: Your debit card activity is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for suspicious activity by our Fraud Alert Management Services Team.

If you received a phone call or text from our Fraud Specialists which was prompted by possible suspicious activity on your debit card, please follow the instructions given to either confirm the activity as valid, or report the activity as fraud. If you have any questions about this fraud monitoring service, or any calls or texts you may have received, please call 800-593-1000 at any time.


To report a LOST or STOLEN MasterCard credit card:

Dial 800-449-7728 in the U.S. and follow the prompts (or 001-727-299-2449 Internationally).

For DECLINED MasterCard credit card transactions, or to REPORT FRAUD on your MasterCard:

Dial 888-918-7313 and follow the prompts (or 001-727-299-2449 Internationally).

For GENERAL INQUIRIES on your MasterCard:

Dial 866-820-3791 and follow the prompts.

EMAIL: To send an email, visit our Contact Us page and choose General Questions/Other from the drop down menu . PLEASE NOTE: Email will not be responded to until the next business day during normal business hours.