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atmAvoid fees and save at over 75,000 NO-FEE ATMs worldwide. With a Diamond VISA Debit Card or Custom Picture Debit Card, you won’t pay a fee at any ATM displaying the Allpoint, CU$, or CO-OP ATM logos, such as Wawa, most Sheetz locations, and many other retailers. Use the easy search below to locate all the locations near you now, or wherever you may be going.

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As a Diamond member, you have access to your funds at over 75,000 no-fee ATMs worldwide, so there’s bound to be an ATM where you need one…where you live, work, and shop. Plus, Diamond GUARANTEES no fees when you use your Diamond VISA Debit Card at any of the ATMs in our network. In the unlikely event you should incur a fee, simply call Diamond for a refund.

Don’t have a smartphone or computer access?

The Allpoint network has an automated system which can assist you by phone. Just call 800-976-4917 to locate a No-Fee ATM near you. (Available in English and Spanish.)