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Every Student Should Know about Student Loan Fraud

Student loan fraud occurs when identity thieves obtain personal information and use it to apply for federal student loans and Pell grants. It can happen to anyone, whether you attend college or not. College students are four times more likely than other groups to have their identity stolen by people they know, including roommates, family … Continue Reading

Diamond Names Branch Manager for New Royersford Location

Pottstown, Pa. – Diamond Credit Union has named Andrea Sawchuk Moyer the Branch Manager of its new Royersford location that will open in October. Sawchuk Moyer is a Pottstown native and graduate of Owen J. Roberts High School and Lehigh University. At Lehigh, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Finance. Sawchuk … Continue Reading

Pretend You’re Retired for a Month

  Lessons to learn from this experiment on being retired. Retirement is ideally a happy time of your life, freeing you up to do things you’ve long postponed. However, the prospect of being retired can also cause stress if you’re not sure you have enough money to retire in the lifestyle you’d like. We suggest … Continue Reading

7 Ways to Save a Down Payment for a New Home

Trying to save a down payment for a new home can be a major point of contention for homebuyers, especially first-time buyers. Questions always arise about how big a down payment really needs to be. The answer to that question may not be the same for every buyer, but the same general rule holds true … Continue Reading

5 Ways Small Business Benefits from a Credit Union

The small business benefits of local credit union are worthy of consideration. In a recent Raddon Research study, business owners were asked about the attributes they look for when choosing a primary financial institutions (PFI). At the top of the list were level of service, convenient locations and hours, and online banking technology. They also … Continue Reading

Managing Checking Accounts. . . Then and Now

Checking Accounts . . . Then Do remember when you maintained your checking account balance on tiny-lined ledgers and cross referenced it to your paper statement each month, hoping your math was right? How about cashing a check? This was a multi-step process that involved signing the back of a check, filling out a deposit … Continue Reading

More Women Drive Financial Decision Making, But Fewer Seek Professional Advice

By default, single women have always taken responsibility for managing household wealth and financial decision making, but the latest in a series of ongoing studies into the attitudes and actions of women around financial topics found that an ever-increasing percentage of married women are taking charge of financial and retirement planning for their families. Prudential’s … Continue Reading

How to Guard Against and Respond to Child Identity Theft

Child identity theft happens. What does that mean for your child? Imagine this scenario: Your college-bound child applies for a car loan or credit card, but is turned down because of thousands of dollars in unpaid debt. Identity theft has struck again, and the resulting poor credit record will affect your child’s financial well-being for … Continue Reading

Lands’ End Business Recognizes Diamond’s Community Work

Pottstown, Pa. – Diamond Credit Union has been named a Beyond Business contest winner by Lands’ End Business for its involvement in the community. Lands’ End held the contest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their uniform and work wear division, Lands’ End Business Outfitters. Diamond purchases staff apparel through the Dodgeville, Wis. company. Volunteers posed for a … Continue Reading

Are You On Track With Your Child’s College Savings?

Saving for and paying for college can be an 18+ year endeavor, and many families are uncertain about how to build their child’s college savings the right way. With the price of a college education rising each year, parents may wonder what their savings goal should be. Their very first question is often, “what will … Continue Reading

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