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How Much Money is Really Needed to Buy a House?

As a first-time homebuyer, it’s not uncommon to approach the cost of buying a new home thinking “the calculators show my mortgage payment will only be X dollars, which is about the same as my rent, so maybe I can afford a house that costs X dollars.” Buying your first home is very exciting, and although it can … Continue Reading

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score to Buy a House?

As a first-time home buyer, do you know the most important piece of information you should have at your fingertips? It’s not the square footage of your dream home or even the current mortgage rates. Nope, it’s your credit score. When you’re buying a home, or making any large purchase, your credit score is going … Continue Reading

Separating Needs from Wants Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The task of deciding between financial needs and wants can be difficult; however it is extremely helpful, especially when it’s time to manage your budget. In some cases, it can be easy to identify the difference between a need and a want. However, there are certain expenses that aren’t as black and white. Discover an … Continue Reading

Playing House: Advice on Managing Finances with Cohabiters

So you’re about to move in with your significant other? The thought of setting up house together can be incredibly exciting. Perhaps you have already weighed the pros and cons of your decision, but have you thought through the financial impact that your living arrangement can produce? Before taking that next big step, it is … Continue Reading

5 Steps to Take When You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Falling victim to identity theft can be an unsettling experience. Many people don’t know where to begin to restore their good name and credit, what to do or who to call. With more than 13 million identity theft victims a year, there’s a good chance this crime could impact you. There are five important steps … Continue Reading

The Fraud Report: Holiday Scams Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a lot of people including fraudsters. So, take care this holiday season to protect yourself from these not-so-jolly holiday scams. Pickpockets can Wear Santa Hats too When you are shopping in crowded stores, there is always the threat of pick-pockets and other theft. Keep your wallet … Continue Reading

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Locally [infographic]

Ever since 2010, the Saturday after Thanksgiving has officially been named Small Business Saturday. Why is it so important to shop small instead of solely shopping at large chain retailers? These are six main reasons to buy locally and how they all play a major role in boosting your local economy. 1. Investing in the … Continue Reading

5 Things You Need to Know About Improving Your Credit Health

The thought of improving your credit health can weigh heavily on the mind, especially when you are already under financial stress or when you are in a situation where your credit is about to be under scrutiny. Take control of your credit health by understanding the ins and outs of your credit history and what … Continue Reading

Four Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Seniors Against Identity Theft

It has been a problem, and it’s getting worse: Seniors are most likely to fall victim to identity theft. People ages 50 and older accounted for nearly half—45 percent—of identity theft complaints, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. And that number has been increasing, from 38 percent in 2013 and … Continue Reading

Credit Union Myths Debunked

Even though credit unions have been around for over 100 years, there are still a lot of misconceptions that circulate about what credit unions offer and how they operate. The biggest difference between banks and credit unions is that banks are for-profit financial institutions that are owned by the bank’s shareholders, while credit unions are … Continue Reading

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