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You and Your Investment Representative: A Relationship of Trust

Perhaps your doctor, lawyer, and accountant are trusted advisors. Through years of working with them, they have come to know your family and your particular needs. How about your investment representative? Have you built the same kind of trusting relationship with him or her? Your investment representative could be a resource to tap for financial … Continue Reading

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage — Yes or No?

As you pay your mortgage bill each month, do you find yourself wondering if you could be paying less? If so, this may be the push you need to refinance your mortgage and start feeling confident that your mortgage is the best choice for you. The Advantages of Refinancing When you refinance your home, there … Continue Reading

Pediatric Emergency Department receives Gift from Diamond Cares

Diamond Credit Union’s Reading Hospital branch recently presented the Reading Hospital Foundation with a check for over $1,200 to go towards the construction of a Pediatric Emergency Department. It was the first donation accepted by Reading Hospital for the new unit. Terri Page, Branch Manager of Diamond Credit Union’s Reading Hospital Branch (4th from left), … Continue Reading

Five Steps for Protecting yourself from Tax Refund Fraud

Imagine being unable to file your tax return because someone already filed in your name. And the worst part? You won’t receive your tax refund for the better part of a year. That’s essentially what happens when you become a victim of tax refund fraud. Your tax refund also could be delayed if another person … Continue Reading

Should I Purchase Commercial Real Estate For My Growing Business?

As a small business owner, whether you build websites, design jewelry, do bookkeeping, or jar your own tomato sauce, you will eventually face an important decision about the future of your business. Are ready to move your business from an at-home operation to a specialized office, manufacturing, or retail space? And are you better off … Continue Reading

Keeping Mobile Banking & Apps Safe on Your Smartphone

Being able to handle financial “to-dos” like paying bills, repaying a friend, checking account balances, or transferring funds, while on the go, can be a lifesaver. For all the conveniences that mobile banking websites or apps have brought us, they also can open you up to foul play, if your smartphone is ever lost or … Continue Reading

Avoid These Financial Traps — They May Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Money. It’s hard to get and easy to lose. It doesn’t take long for the wealth you’ve accumulated to disappear if you don’t manage your money well or have a plan to protect your assets from sudden calamity. Snares like the ones mentioned below could easily threaten your financial security so avoid these financial traps. … Continue Reading

Get Ready! What To Do Before Buying a House

Buying a new home is an exciting milestone but it can be full of uncertainty. To help first time home buyers through the process of buying their first home, Diamond Credit Union will be hosting a series of three Coffee House Talks. Join our area experts at the first event Preparing to Buy Your Home, for … Continue Reading

Promoting Your Business

If you’re the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, you may find yourself searching for the best methods of promoting your business. Diamond’s Business Services Manager, Phil Fry, offered his advice on four of the most commonly asked questions regarding business promotion. How Important is Brand Identity? Brand identity is one of the most … Continue Reading

Identity Protection Tips for the Holidays

As consumers step up their online shopping leading up to the holidays, it’s a prime time of the year for identity theft. While you are busy snagging hot deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, thieves are phishing for your information. Don’t let an identity thief take the jingle out of your holiday. Follow these … Continue Reading

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