Our Members Say It Best

Listening to our members is of utmost importance at Diamond and is what younity is all about. Your input provides us with valuable insight on how we’re doing in serving our members and what we can do to improve the experience day after day. We could tell you what we’ve heard, but we feel it’s better for you to hear directly from them…since our members say it best.

our members say it best testimonial alex and amanda

“Huge shout out to Diamond. If you’re tired of paying fees on your business accounts, check out Diamond.”

Alex & Amanda G.

Business Member since 2018


members say it best lisa

“Truly can always count on Diamond.”

Lisa H.

Member since 1999


our members say it best tyler

“Diamond gives me the tools to really help the members of the community.”

Tyler E.

Employee and Member since 2012


ourj members say it best sabrina

Choosing Diamond has honestly been one of the best choices I have made.”

Sabrina K.

Member since 2018


our members say it best mike and carol

Diamond CU is not the primary banking institution for my wife and me, but it will be in the near future.”

Mike & Carol F.

Members since 2015


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