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It’s an unfortunate reality of the world we live in that we all have to be hyper vigilant when using our personal and banking information. The experts at Diamond Credit Union are here to help you avoid sticky situations involving fraud, identity theft, and scams of all kinds. The Fraud Report is where we post the latest tips and information to keep you and your information safe.


Equifax has revealed a security breach, that began in May and continued until it was discovered in late July, exposing the names, social security numbers, birth dates and home addresses for up to 143 million Americans. According to news reports, the hackers exploited a “website application vulnerability” and obtained the personal data about American as well as British and Canadian consumers.

Equifax is offering free identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services for those who are affected. Information can be found at: (click on the “Enroll” tab) or Equifax has a phone line for consumers to call if they have questions relating to the hacking incident at 866-447-7559.

In light of this situation and with the full scope of this breach still unfolding, please feel free to use the following tips to educate yourself on how to better protect your identity:

  • Email/Text Alerts. Setting alerts on your account is one of the most effective and quickest ways to identify suspicious activity (ex: account balance under $100 or transactions over $100). Speak with a Diamond representative to assist in setting up these alerts.
    Additional Security for Diamond Debit Card Users
  • Check your credit reports. Identify what information it contained and look for any unusual activity that could indicate identity theft. This is available free for all three credit bureaus at or toll-free at 1-877-322-8228.
  • Change all user access credentials. If you use the same passwords for all financial institutions, change them. Consider using a different password for each site. Watch out for suspicious email, phone and snail-mail scams. Enable text and email alerts and turn on two-factor authentication when possible.

Resolution Services

cyberscoutExpert advice available. In addition, if you experience any type of identity fraud or exposed account information, Diamond offers a free service to all members to assist in these type of cases.
Contact Diamond to utilize these valuable services. We are ready to assist should you have any questions on this or related matters. Swift resolution is important. Learn more about CyberScout.

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