The Fraud Report

It’s an unfortunate reality of the world we live in that we all have to be hyper vigilant when using our personal and banking information. The experts at Diamond Credit Union are here to help you avoid sticky situations involving fraud, identity theft, and scams of all kinds. The Fraud Report is where we post the latest tips and information to keep you and your information safe.

fraud report

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Video Tip: Avoiding Secret Shopper Scams

Recent Alerts

There are no recent alerts.

Older Alerts:

Facebook Scam Alert 2-10-17
Phishing Scam Alert 10-5-16
Yahoo! Data Breach 9-22-16
Phishing Scam Alert 9-7-16
Phishing Scam Alert 2-23-16

Additional Security for Diamond Debit Card Users

To help ensure the security of your account(s) at Diamond, an expanded fraud detection and prevention service has been added on Diamond Visa Debit Cards at no cost to members. If you have provided Diamond with a cell number, this monitoring service will now alert you of possible unusual activity on your account(s) by text message. These messages originate from Diamond and may show as sender number 328-74. You will be prompted to respond using your cell. If no reply is received, the monitoring service will attempt to contact you by your phone numbers on file.

These texts will only ask members to verify if they did or did not make the purchase(s) in question. They will not ask for account or personal information. If you have any doubt on the validity of the text, or have general questions about this monitoring service, please contact Diamond’s Call Center at 800-593-1000. Verizon®, AT&T™, Sprint™ and T-Mobile® users within the U.S. will not be charged standard data or message rates for these alerts.