Instant Deposits FAQs

Imagine depositing checks into your account from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to the internet! No more waiting to get to the credit union. No more searching for ATMs that accept deposits.

What is Instant Deposits Online?
How do I access Instant Deposits Online?
How does Instant Deposits Online work?
How much can I deposit?
How many days do I have to submit my checks after I complete my deposit online?
Is Instant Deposits Online available to all members?
Which of my accounts will accept deposits through Instant Deposits Online?
Can I deposit to more than one account type at a time?
Can I submit my checks at a Diamond Branch or ATM to ensure that my deposit is received within the ten days?


For more information, call 800-593-1000 or stop by any Diamond Branch.

*Certain conditions and restrictions apply; limited to $1,500 release.