Account Management Forms

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Application form and details on applying for Diamond’s annual academic scholarship for high school seniors planning to pursue higher education and undergraduates* enrolled in an approved college, university or trade school. (*refer to eligibility requirements)
Request to skip a future payment on your Diamond loan.
Authorize automatic payments to your Diamond loan from another Financial Institution.
Request a stop payment on a ACH processed check.


Update addresses on personal accounts, marriage name change name, etc.
Information regarding statements or if you discover an error in your statement.
Authorize Direct Deposit of your pay to your account.
Automatically transfer money between your accounts or others’.
Needed to apply for a loan when making a non-dealer auto purchase.


Needed for joint owner to remove his/her ownership from an account.
Cancel a check you wrote, when a check is lost, stolen or in error.
Information to provide for automatic debits from your checking account.