Divide & Conquer – Budgeting Tool

DIVIDE & CONQUER™ is a whole new way to divide your routine deposits and conquer your specific budgeting and financial goals. Just set up this budgeting tool and let it do the work for you.

With DIVIDE & CONQUER™ you can:

  • Set up specific savings accounts for things such as holidays, vacations, car down payment, home projects, appliances, etc.
  • Automatically deposit an affordable amount into your accounts with each direct deposit.
  • Customize your accounts and set up alerts to let you know when you’ve reached your goals (or even when you’re halfway there!)
  • Transfer money or access your accounts at any time. Your money is always accessible…you’re in control.
  • Maintain your lifestyle while achieving your short-term goals.

Stop in and ask about our DIVIDE & CONQUER™ budgeting tool and we’ll get you on your way towards reaching your goals today!

Begin with this simple Savings Worksheet: Savings Worksheet

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