CardNav Card Control App

Customized Debit Card Control and Fraud Protection in one!

With CardNav, you get peace of mind and enhanced security when you protect your debit card against fraud and misuse, all in real time using your smartphone.


cardnav app iconWith CardNav from CO-OP Financial Services, you can:
• Secure card usage by turning any card on or off in seconds
• Control the type of purchases authorized and track spending
• Approve specific merchants (gas, groceries, online)
• Set specific dollar limits for transactions
• Set the geographic location in which the card can be used
• Authorize specific users
• Real-time notifications to alert unauthorized usage

Use the CardNav App along side Diamond’s Mobile Banking App and you’ll have total control at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions About CardNav

Can the app be controlled from a desktop or laptop computer?
Will CardNav work outside the U.S.?
How long can I leave a card “off”?
How many cards can each user set up?
Should I also add my spouse’s card to my CardNav app as well?
I forgot my password, can you help me?
What if I have my card turned off and a recurring utility bill wants to charge my card? Will that transaction be denied?
Where do we go if we have any questions, concerns, or feedback?
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