Loan Health Check-Up

At Diamond, we care about your financial goals and we want to help. One step you can take to ensure you’re on the right track is to get a free Loan Health Check-Up with guidance from a Diamond Loan Consultant who has your best interest in mind. With this free service for members, we will review your Loan Health, and make sure you are financially sound and educated about your loans. This exceptional service includes your full credit report and score along with a personal review of your current and prospective loans – no matter who the lender is.

A Diamond Loan Health Check-Up includes:

  • Reviewing and comparing your loans to ensure that you are getting the best rates available to you.
  • Ensuring that you are managing your debt in the best way possible.
  • Helping you discover opportunities to save.
  • Answering questions and addressing any of your concerns.

Let our Loan Consultants help you determine the strength and health of your financial picture. Call 610.326.5490 for a FREE Loan Health Check-Up today!