Going to College

Congratulations on your decision to continue your education. Going to college is a great opportunity to not only gain knowledge in your chosen field, but to learn valuable life lessons, including how to manage your finances.

Access Your Money No Matter Where You Go to School

Use these tools to stay in close contact with your money.

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Paying For College

It’s no secret that college is expensive, and it’s up to you how much you are willing to spend, save, and take out in loans. Diamond is here with tips on Saving for College, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Additional Student Loans, and Credit Cards.

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Credit Cards

A credit card is a valuable tool to have during the school year when buying books and other supplies. It’s also a great way to start building your credit. But, it’s important to be responsible with your credit card, or you may end up in debt and even hurt your credit score. Here are some tips to keep you from getting into a credit trap.

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Staying Connected

Keep up to date with Diamond in the Community.

Diamond’s Blog shares financial information on money issues, advances in money management, how to protect your finances, and sometimes just plain fun stuff!


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