First Accounts

Banking is part of life. Many people start their financial journey with a savings account as a child. When they get older and have more expenses, they need a checking account to pay bills. Then they want to start building credit with a Mastercard®. And often a person’s first major loan is for their first car. Here, we’ll explain to you how to open these first accounts.

First Financial Accounts

Membership Share Savings Account

Your Membership Share Account is a basic savings account and the first thing you’ll need to become a member of Diamond. You just need $5 to establish your membership. As a credit union, we are owned by our members, and that $5 is your share in the credit union. You can open your membership at any of our branches, or fill out your membership application online right now!

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First Share Certificates (CDs)

Banks offer Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and credit unions offer a similar product called Share Certificates. These Share Certificates allow you to deposit a fixed amount of money for a set period of time to earn a market-leading rate on your funds.

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First Checking Account

As you get older and start working, you have more money, and often more expenses too. A Checking Account allows you to pay your bills and access your money on the go with a debit card.

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First Credit Card

A Diamond Credit Union Platinum Mastercard® is a great choice for your first credit card. We’re a local and safe choice who’s known for fair policies and low fees. We also have a highly regarded Rewards card option. Please see the Platinum Mastercard page for complete details about our Mastercards.

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First Auto Loan

Buying a car for the first time is a big deal. That is why we have taken care to explain the entire car buying process to you on our Buying a Car page. Diamond has also designed a specific First Time Auto Buying Loan Program designed specifically for help first time auto buyers get behind the wheel and build credit.