Life Events

Guiding you through the major financial life events.

Whether it’s opening your first savings account, buying a new car, entering your first semester in college, or buying your first home, life is full of surprises and new adventures. At Diamond, we want to support you and provide you with the best resources so you can enter into these new phases of life with confidence and the assurance that we are on your side. Are you experiencing any of the financial life events below? Learn more about the Diamond tools that will help guide you through these passages of life.

First Accounts

Safely managing and accessing your available funds is a necessary aspect of life. There are several ways to organize your funds to help you spend and save responsibly. By opening a Diamond savings or checking account and acquiring your first credit card, you are taking the first steps to financial security.

Buying a Car

For a lot of people, buying a car is one of their first big financial life events. And more often than not, this first big investment requires a loan. After you’ve done your research and established your budget, contact Diamond Credit Union to discuss your options for a Pre-Approved Auto Loan.

Going to College

Going to college may be one of the most unique experiences and opportunities for growth in your lifetime. Diamond highly values education and supports students as they pursue their dreams. We can help you save and pay for college and help you secure loans at a low rate.

First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a big deal, but don’t worry. We’re in this together. Our Mortgage Experts will start with a review of your current financial situation, then show you how to save for that down payment with special products, and finally it’ll be time to get pre-qualified so you can start house hunting.