Did You Know About these Events in January?

january events

The biggest shopping days of the year are over, your guests have returned home, and we’ve welcomed the New Year. Now what do we do? Just one word: LOTS! Almost every month of the year, there is a well-known holiday being celebrated.

But did you know that almost every day of the year there is something more to celebrate?

As we all know, one of the greatest events in January is the celebration of New Year’s Day, one of the oldest recorded events in history, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in recognition of this Civil Rights leader’s birthday. These are two of the ten annual US Federal Holiday events in January which are designated by the United States Congress.

Additionally, there are National Holidays in which a nation recognizes certain important occasions or brings awareness to certain causes.

For example, January is National Blood Donor Month. As winter approaches, the supply of blood and platelets diminishes due to harsher weather conditions, making the ability to donate more challenging. Take advantage of these milder El Ninos winter days and consider donating blood or platelets. You can help change the life of a patient in need.

Contact your nearest blood center, such as the Miller-Keystone Blood Center in the Reading area to make an appointment to donate or host a blood drive.

National Mentoring Month is an event in January aimed at encouraging positive role models and involvement to guide our youth towards positive outcomes.

Appropriately, January is also Healthy Weight Month which immediately follows holidays often centered around large amounts of food and sweets. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active work together to improve overall well-being.

And this means Fido, too! Pets can also put on a few pounds over the holidays, so grab your coat, hat, gloves and leash and take a brisk walk with your companion daily.

Now is a good time to get Financially Fit as well. Seeking out ways to be financially balanced will also help your overall well-being.

And just for fun, add these to your calendar of January events:

  • National Popcorn Day – January 19
  • National Handwriting Day – January 23
  • Compliment Day – January 24
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – January 25

And that’s just a few fun events in January. Wonder what February will have in store for us?

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