Checking & Savings

Everything you want to know about Diamond’s checking and savings accounts.

Day-to-day account management is easier with Diamond’s checking and savings accounts. Get equipped with all the tools you need to manage your financial accounts quickly, easily, and in the most effective way possible with all of our checking and savings options. Additionally, Netbranch Online Banking provides the ability to open new accounts right online.

Checking Accounts

Online checking, direct deposit, checking 300, and interest-bearing are just some of the checking accounts available to Diamond Credit Union members. Looking for a checking account for your small business, we’ve got that covered too!

Interest-Bearing Checking

Why not let your checking and savings accounts make money for you. With Diamond’s Interest-Bearing Checking account options, you’ll be able to earn interest on the funds that you work hard to achieve and maintain.

Share Certificates

Make an investment that has competitive returns, for a fixed-term, and that is federally-insured through your favorite local credit union. What sets our share certificates apart from other savings options is the flexibility with our Regular and/or Jumbo Share Certificates and choose what fits your individual needs.

Money Market Accounts

When it comes to your finances, three words say it all: secure, flexible, and insured. That perfectly describes our money market savings options. And what’s more, you access have to your funds anytime you need it.

Savings Accounts

Start saving for a healthy financial state with Diamond savings accounts options. Whether you’re looking to prepare for a summer vacation, holiday gifts, or a significant life event, saving with Diamond is the perfect option.

Health Savings Accounts

Diamond Credit Union is much more than a resource for checking and savings needs. We can also help to prepare you for unexpected medical expenses with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Contact a Diamond representative to learn more.


It’s never too early to start planning for the later years in life. You should be able to enjoy your retirement instead of worrying about making ends meet on a reduced income. IRAs appeal to a variety of needs to ensure a secure retirement.


Plan ahead with our wide array of financial calculators, available for your convenience. Divided into four categories (home, personal, investment, and retirement), these handy calculators will help lead you down the path that is best for you.