10 Items to Leave Out of Your Wallet

Shoulder bags, book bags, and brief cases are often handy places to carry your wallet with items you “might need” as you go about your day. Whether you plan to stop for groceries or end up enjoying an impromptu stop with friends after work, it seems to make sense to have the items you “may” … Continue Reading

How to Budget for a House You Can Afford

You can read article after article full of first-time home buyer tips, and the most important message in each and every one is to budget for a house you can afford. In theory, it’s simple advice, but it may leave you wondering, “How much house can I afford?” How can you make a financially-responsible choice … Continue Reading

Am I Saving Too Much Money in My Savings Account?

We’ve all heard the statistics about people not having enough savings to cover unexpected emergencies that may occur. But, we don’t hear as much about people who are in the opposite position — too much money in their savings account. While it’s not exactly a bad problem, saving too much money in a savings account … Continue Reading

Good Debt vs Bad Debt: Can Debt Be Good for You?

Whether it’s student loans, your mortgage, a credit card balance, or car loan, you’ll find yourself with debt at some point. As you work to keep your debt in check and pay off your loans, it’s important to understand the concept of good debt vs. bad debt. Knowing the difference between the two will help … Continue Reading

Your New Year’s Identity Protection Resolutions

With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to reflect and make identity protection resolutions to improve your life in the year ahead. New Year’s Eve is truly a worldwide celebration associated with hundreds of different cultural traditions. In the U.S., people watch the ball drop in Times Square in New … Continue Reading

Old-Fashioned Financial Advice to Ditch in the New Year

Whether it comes from your parents (who worry about you!), other well-meaning relatives, or clueless friends, outdated and old-fashioned financial advice is all around you…advice such as “Keep all your money in savings!” “You must have a 20% down payment to buy a house!” “Max out your 401(k)!” To stop the spread of bad money … Continue Reading

Be Smarter with Your Money this Holiday Season

It’s here! Holiday shopping season. So, during this time of year, it’s important to be smarter with your money including holiday shopping on a budget or protecting your finances during a busy spending season. We have great advice to help you make smarter financial decisions during the holidays.   Holiday Shopping on a Budget: Less … Continue Reading

Department Store Credit Cards: Why to Say “No Thanks!”

Holiday shopping is right around the corner. As you approach each checkout counter, you’ll be faced with this question again and again, “Would you like to save an additional 15% when you apply for a credit card?” Saving is always a great thing. However, is applying for department store credit cards the best way to … Continue Reading

Best Time to Buy a House During the Year

October is the start of sweater season, pumpkin spice season, and — did you also know — the start of home buying season. If you want to take advantage of a calmer market and purchase at the lowest prices, the best time to buy a house during the year is October through February. Best Month … Continue Reading

7 Money Apps for Reaching Your Financial Goals

  Technology has ingrained itself into our lives because of the way it makes day-to-day activities exponentially easier. Smartphone apps allow you to lock your doors when you’ve already left home, keep track of your appointments while on the run, or have groceries delivered right to your front door. Smartphones have also made it possible … Continue Reading

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