5 Key Elements of a Small Business Marketing Plan

Marketing is an important process for all small businesses, whether you’re trying to cultivate new customers or aiming to stay top-of-mind with your existing customers. It encompasses everything from the products and services you offer, to what you charge for those products and services, to how you promote them to your audience and how they … Continue Reading

Do You Really Know Credit Unions? Get The Facts from Diamond Credit Union!

Credit unions continue to enjoy growth in their membership numbers, which now total over 102 million members nationwide. People are turning to credit unions as an option for their financial needs because they are drawn to the sense of community and numerous financial benefits. But there are still some misconceptions about credit unions and Diamond Credit … Continue Reading

5 Challenges Small Businesses Face

You had an idea, you wrote the business plan, and you secured the financing. It’s safe to say…you are now officially a small business owner! Small businesses face many challenges in their first year, and in the years moving forward. Here are 5 challenges that many small business owners will need to tackle: 1. Liquidity … Continue Reading

Is Your Money in a Healthy Place?

Financial protection provided by the FDIC and NCUA, for banks and credit unions respectively, guarantees your savings and checking accounts are insured, up to $250,000, if your bank fails.  But it’s still important to understand the financial health of your financial institution and what risks could be coming your way. How Healthy is Diamond Credit … Continue Reading

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