Separate Your Personal and Business Expenses – With One Exception

As a business owner, a piece of advice you’ll hear again and again from financial experts is to separate your personal and business expenses and finances. Dedicated business checking accounts and credit cards make record keeping easier and can be a life-saver when filing your taxes. Dedicated business accounts also go a long way in … Continue Reading

Should I Purchase Commercial Real Estate For My Growing Business?

As a small business owner, whether you build websites, design jewelry, do bookkeeping, or jar your own tomato sauce, you will eventually face an important decision about the future of your business. Are ready to move your business from an at-home operation to a specialized office, manufacturing, or retail space? And are you better off … Continue Reading

Promoting Your Business

If you’re the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, you may find yourself searching for the best methods of promoting your business. Diamond’s Business Services Manager, Phil Fry, offered his advice on four of the most commonly asked questions regarding business promotion. How Important is Brand Identity? Brand identity is one of the most … Continue Reading

Phil Fry, Business Services Manager at Diamond Credit Union, Receives Exclusive Business Lending Certification

Diamond Credit Union is proud to announce that Phil Fry, Manager of the Business Services Division at Diamond Credit Union, has received the CUES Certificate of Business Lending. CUES is an international membership association focused 100% on credit union talent development. Successful completion of this program at the CUES School of Business Lending, is a … Continue Reading

Should Small Business Owners Turn To Alternative Lending?

When it comes to your personal finances, you might be familiar with names like Lending Tree or Rocket Mortgage, websites where you can quickly fill out an application and be approved for a loan in record time. These websites are part of a growing trend called “fintech” (financial technology) or alternate lending. But it’s not … Continue Reading

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Locally [infographic]

Ever since 2010, the Saturday after Thanksgiving has officially been named Small Business Saturday. Why is it so important to shop small instead of solely shopping at large chain retailers? These are six main reasons to buy locally and how they all play a major role in boosting your local economy. 1. Investing in the … Continue Reading

Contingency Planning: Creating an Effective “Plan B” for Your Local Business

Do you have a contingency plan in place at your company? Contingency planning is vital to survival. Without one, your business could experience major setbacks in the event of a situation that negatively impacts your company’s normal operations. While some events are completely unexpected such as natural disasters, accidents on site, and personnel-related risks, other … Continue Reading

James Hufford Retires in Style from Diamond Credit Union

James “Jim” Hufford, Diamond Credit Union Business Services Manager, retires in style after thirty years in the field of commercial lending. Jim joined Diamond in 2011 when the Business Services Department was still relatively new. He is credited with building Diamond’s Small Business portfolio exponentially and providing indispensable guidance and leadership to his staff. For the … Continue Reading

Merge, Sell, Transfer, Liquidate? Planning Your Business Exit Strategies

When it comes to owning a business, the priority lies on making the company as successful as possible. That sounds like a pretty good strategy, right? The last thing you want to think about, as a business owner, is planning your business exit strategies, since concentration is placed so heavily on growing the business presently. … Continue Reading

How Small Business Owners Can Plan for Retirement

Are you a small business owner? As of 2013, there are almost 28 million small businesses in the US. A small business is recognized as having 500 or fewer employees. Here is some additional information on the surge of small businesses. 22 million, or 75%, are non-employer small businesses (ones with no additional payroll or employees) … Continue Reading

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