How to Secure Financing for Nonprofits

Are you thinking of starting a nonprofit? Nonprofit organizations are committed to a particular social cause or shared point of view and can include public arts organizations, charities, and religious organizations. Rather than distributing surplus funds to stakeholders, nonprofits use them to pursue philanthropic goals. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know … Continue Reading

Understanding Secured vs. Unsecured Business Loans

Growth for a business can be expected…or unexpected. As you research your options for small business financing to assist with the growth, you most likely have come across the terms “secured” and “unsecured” business loans and wondered what the difference is between them. Is one a safer option or a smarter option than the other? … Continue Reading

Outsourcing Business Finances Helps Small Business Grow

Many questions arise when handling business finances and tax preparation, so consider outsourcing your business finances. Unlike personal taxes, small business taxes are a year-round process. While most individuals are celebrating the end of tax season, as a business owner there is always more work to do! You started your business because you had a … Continue Reading

6 Smart Ways to Use Small Business Financing

When you’re getting a small business off the ground, financing plays an important role. While you may be able to self-fund your early efforts, you will eventually need to explore other small business financing options. These could include a small business loan through your credit union, pitching your business to investors, or bringing on financial … Continue Reading

Are You Ready? Steps to Starting a Small Business

Am I ready to buy a house? Am I ready to start a family? Am I ready to start a business? Just like with most big life decisions, there is no perfect time to act. But there are questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re in an ideal place to tackle a life-changing … Continue Reading

Corporate Credit Card: A Benefit for Your Business?

One of the first pieces of advice you’ll receive as a small business owner is to keep your personal and business finances separate. Clearly defined finances help with declaring your business, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. One of the easiest ways to keep business expenses separate from personal expenses is by opening a corporate credit card. … Continue Reading

How to Successfully Apply for a Small Business Loan

Like many businesses, your small business probably started with a dedicated team and an idea you were passionate about. Through hard work, your business has grown and now you’ve reached the point where you need additional funding to support this growth. A small business loan seems like the answer, but if you’ve never received a … Continue Reading

Ransomware Threat Level Rising: Businesses Vulnerable

Simple tools. Ominous results. Ransomware threat level rising. Ambitious cyber criminals launched devastating ransomware attacks in 2017, taking in billions of dollars and disrupting businesses around the world. As ransomware becomes a more lucrative tool for criminals, things could get much worse. Cyber attacks doubled in the first half of 2017 and damage costs are … Continue Reading

Small Business Outsourcing: How to Find Reliable Partners

  In our previous small business outsourcing blog and Part 1 of our two-part event “Building a Team of Experts”, we discussed the importance of finding external partners to handle the areas of your business where you are not an expert. We identified the 6 key roles most small businesses turn to for outsourcing: banking, … Continue Reading

Small Business Outsourcing: Building a Team of Experts

Running a small business involves a lot of tasks that aren’t associated with the core goal of growing your business. Although they are crucial, handling these responsibilities on your own can be time-consuming and take your focus away from why you started your business in the first place. Rather than spreading your time and talents … Continue Reading

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