September Events: A “Life” Lesson

Danica Patrick, professional race car driver and spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month, has said “Bad things can happen. That’s just life. And that’s why life insurance is just an easy and smart way to eliminate a risk from your life.” Life Insurance Awareness Month – September Most people know that having life insurance is … Continue Reading

Is August a Good Time to Save or to Spend?

To save or to spend? Tough question. Especially in August when you have a tug-of-war going on between the end of summer sales and back to school expenses. So how can you take advantage of both situations? You can spend AND save at the same time with these tips and a little planning. SAVE: End … Continue Reading

Are you seeing stars? It must be July!

From flag poles to yard decorations, from hats to socks, from the dinner table to the picnic table, the beginning of July typically brings on a sea of red, white and blue. Going beyond the traditional American flag, combinations of red, white, and blue can liven up most any atmosphere. And why do we accent … Continue Reading

Jump into June!

What happened to Spring? Seems like we went right from winter to summer! With the warmer weather, comes more opportunities for fresh air adventures! So whether you’re going on vacation or taking a staycation, you can keep your family and friends amused with your knowledge of these special June events. Did you plan ahead for … Continue Reading

Marvelous Month of May!

Ahh…it’s almost “officially” summertime! The time for sun, fun, festivals, and fireworks. Vacations, staycations, friends and family. Shores and woods, campfires and s’mores. PLAN If you haven’t saved for any activities or getaways, but would love to, here are a couple last minute ways to save for vacation. Then when you get back, consider opening … Continue Reading

Don’t be Foolish this April!

From financial literacy to preserving the earth’s resources, April is a month of awesomeness…not just a day for fools! Go ahead and mark your calendars while I pick some spaghetti for dinner. April Fools’ Day – April 1 Widely known as a day of practical jokes and pranks, the official origin of April Fools’ Day, … Continue Reading

Events in March: Books, Leprechauns & Bunnies! Oh my!

Reading Awareness Month – March Reading, writing and arithmetic are, or should be, inseparable. Many of the skills needed for mathematics are similar to reading skills. If a person cannot read or count, then many areas of life will be affected. Imagine not being able to: Read a prescription Open a bank account or get … Continue Reading

Fun February Festivities

Groundhog Day – February 2 If you live in Pennsylvania, no doubt you’ve heard of Punxsutawney Phil…the most famous, weather-forecasting groundhog who gives his yearly weather prediction on February 2. According to legend, if he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he does not see it, spring will come … Continue Reading

Did You Know About these Events in January?

The biggest shopping days of the year are over, your guests have returned home, and we’ve welcomed the New Year. Now what do we do? Just one word: LOTS! Almost every month of the year, there is a well-known holiday being celebrated. But did you know that almost every day of the year there is … Continue Reading

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