A Financial Guide to Buying Your First Home

The reasons to buy your first home are numerous. You are purchasing an investment that could increase in value over time. In addition, you could receive tax deductions and a new level of independence. If you’re a first-time house hunter, the process is exciting, and a little overwhelming. This is a big investment after all. … Continue Reading

4 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. But for nearly 8 out of 10 taxpayers, taxes won’t be quite as painful because they’ll be receiving a tax return.  In 2014, the average tax refund was $3,034. So now the question arises, what do you do with your refund when it arrives?  For some … Continue Reading

Saving for College: What are your options?

In the next few weeks, high school seniors from Reading, PA, Pottstown, PA and points all across the country will be anxiously checking their mailboxes and e-mail inboxes for acceptance letters from their top choice college or university. It’s an exciting time in their life and a time that their families have, hopefully, been saving … Continue Reading

Opening a Credit Union Account – Are You Eligible?

It’s true, there are many instances where membership to a credit union is dependent on where you work, if you serve in the military, or the college or university you are an alumni of.  However, in many cases becoming a member and opening a credit union account comes down to the community in which you … Continue Reading

Banks vs. Credit Unions: Which will serve you better?

Since credit unions and banks offer most of the same products, it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. Let’s go over some common questions to help you decide between banks vs. credit unions. If you’re already a member, these might be some good items to discuss with your friends who … Continue Reading

Credit and Debit Card Fraud: Don’t Be The Next Victim

Diamond strives to provide you with the tools to keep your financial information safe and secure, even in times when breaches of information are happening more often. You probably know the big ones – JPMorgan Chase, Target, Home Depot – but there have been other retailers whose customer payment information was compromised. All totaled, the … Continue Reading

Financial Preparation Checklist for Life’s Milestone Moments

2015 is going to be a big year, you can just feel it! Maybe you don’t know exactly what the year holds in store for you, or maybe you have a very clear picture of the milestone events coming your way. Either way, with each new life event there are new financial considerations that need … Continue Reading

Is Your Money in a Healthy Place?

Financial protection provided by the FDIC and NCUA, for banks and credit unions respectively, guarantees your savings and checking accounts are insured, up to $250,000, if your bank fails.  But it’s still important to understand the financial health of your financial institution and what risks could be coming your way. How Healthy is Diamond Credit … Continue Reading

Diamond CU Supports Pottstown School District in the Reading Olympics

What does a giant diamond chip have to do with reading and comprehension? That’s probably what the kids at Pottstown Middle School were thinking when Chip, the Diamond Credit Union Mascot stopped by during their Reading Olympics competition. The answer is simple. Chip was just there to help cheer the kids on and see Diamond’s … Continue Reading

Scholarship Opportunity: Turn Your Community Involvement into Cash for College

The Diamond Credit Union Alfred A. Panfile Memorial Scholarship is a great opportunity for high school seniors and college undergrads to earn money for college. One grand prize applicant will receive over $1,550 and up to three additional applicants will be awarded $1,000. Applications will be accepted until June 13, 2014. Who can enter? High … Continue Reading

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