Are You Guilty of these Money Mistakes?

Whether it’s being swayed into opening a retailer’s credit card, not planning for retirement early in your career, or not teaching your children some basic financial skills, we’re all guilty of making a few money mistakes along the way. To prove that financial miscues really can happen to everyone, we asked our staff at Diamond … Continue Reading

Get to Know Your Credit Score!

Almost all of the advice we give our members about obtaining a loan starts with the same first step: Know your credit score! Whether you’re buying a new home, applying for a credit card, or even applying for an insurance policy, your credit score is going to play a big role in the approval process. … Continue Reading

Back-to-School Season at Diamond Credit Union

“I love the smell of school supplies in the morning!” Back-to-School season is in full-swing! There is something in the air that tells us all, even if we’re not students, teachers, or parents that it’s time to sit up straight and pay attention. And the team at Diamond Credit Union is looking forward to another … Continue Reading

Tips for Teaching Kids about Money

“Mommy, I want that!” “I NEED to get these. EVERYBODY has them.” “Can I borrow $20?” As your child grows, the way of asking may change, but the question remains the same. Teaching kids about money and how to be financially responsible can be tricky for parents, but the financial lessons that you instill now … Continue Reading

Get the scoop on Health Savings Accounts

Are you covered by a high-deductible plan? Then you may be eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA). HSAs were created in 2003 to respond to an overwhelming need for tax-preferred savings plans that will help people plan for and afford medical expenses. What is an HSA? A Health Savings Account (HSA) is not unlike … Continue Reading

Do You Really Know Credit Unions? Get The Facts from Diamond Credit Union!

Credit unions continue to enjoy growth in their membership numbers, which now total over 102 million members nationwide. People are turning to credit unions as an option for their financial needs because they are drawn to the sense of community and numerous financial benefits. But there are still some misconceptions about credit unions and Diamond Credit … Continue Reading

Star & Stripes and Dollars & Cents: The History of Money

  On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence, asserting our young country’s independence from Great Britain. Nearly 240 years later, as we gather to celebrate that summer day in Philadelphia, we provide you with more information on our Founding Fathers and the role they played in creating … Continue Reading

5 Challenges Small Businesses Face

You had an idea, you wrote the business plan, and you secured the financing. It’s safe to say…you are now officially a small business owner! Small businesses face many challenges in their first year, and in the years moving forward. Here are 5 challenges that many small business owners will need to tackle: 1. Liquidity … Continue Reading

Merging Finances after Marriage: 4 Discussions to Have

Getting married is an exciting milestone in your life. Setting up a new household, combining your music collection, finally getting rid of his college futon that you’ve always secretly hated! Maybe less exciting is the matter of sitting down to talk money and merging your finances after marriage. Before the ceremony or honeymoon even start … Continue Reading

3 Steps in Qualifying for a Home Loan

Spring is (finally!) in the air and that means For Sale signs could be popping up all over your dream neighborhood any day now. While finding the right home in the right location at the right price is just one challenge, navigating the steps to financing your home is another. Am I pre-qualified or pre-approved? … Continue Reading

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