Junior Members

Accounts and programs for Children 12 and under

Welcome Parents!

Teaching your kids about saving at a young age is a great way to prepare them for financial success in the future. Making your child a Junior Member of Diamond Credit Union is easy. Any child, age 12 or younger, who becomes a member with a savings account is automatically considered a Junior Member.*

Junior Members get these great benefits:

Entered in a quarterly Junior Member drawing for a $25 Gift Card every time you come in to make a deposit, receive reward stickers for making deposits, access to fun activity sheets and coloring pages, and invitations to special Junior Member events.



Diamond Credit Union is happy to announce the arrival of the Centsables: a team of financial superheroes that dispatch evil villains and rescue people from financial traps. The Centsables are endorsed by the Jump$tart Coalition® for Personal Financial Literacy, and Diamond’s partnership with the Centsables creates more opportunities for Junior Members to learn about financial matters. Through the Centsables web link, Junior Members can take advantage of several entertaining activities that will also help to improve their financial literacy and mathematical skills.

At diamondcu.centsables.com your children can:

  • Play educational games
  • Learn financial terms and definitions
  • Read the Centsables comic books
  • Watch the Centsables public service announcement

And so much more!

*How to open an account for your child:

In order to establish a Diamond membership for your child, you must open a membership share savings account with a $5 deposit in your child’s name. Because your child is a minor, you will also need to be on the account as the guardian. Stop by at your convenience to any of our branch locations and speak with an associate! Locations/Hours.

After opening a member share account you may also consider opening other savings accounts or share certificates for your child. Please ask an associate about these other savings options.

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