20 Successful Years with the Reading Health System

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Diamond Credit John Faust, president/ceo of Diamond Credit Union and Clint Matthews President/ceo of the Reading Health SystemUnion’s partnership with the Reading Health System (RHS). Diamond members enjoyed the festivities at the Diamond branch located inside the G1 building of The Reading Hospital with giveaways and special events throughout the year to commemorate the milestone. In November, a formal luncheon with the executive team of the Reading Health System was held to discuss the benefits and mutual growth accomplished through the 20-year partnership.

Reading Health System employees Love Diamond

RHS employee participation in the credit union has grown over 280% since 1996. RHS employees love Diamond, but don’t take our word for it. Watch the video:

A brief history of the 20-Year Partnership

Diamond Credit Union Hospital Branch Reading Health System 20th anniversary The Reading Health System joined Diamond as a Select Employer Group in 1996 and together they have been offering the employees of the RHS special benefits and services. RHS employees have access to their very own Diamond branch located within the hospital and they enjoy the benefit of getting paid a day early when they have their paycheck directly deposited into their Diamond account. There are also five Diamond no-fee ATMs located throughout the various locations of the RHS which are available to employees, patients, and visitors, regardless of Diamond membership status.

Making Berks a Better Place

Diamond is also a proud supporter of the Friends of the Reading Hospital, a volunteer organization that helps to increase the quality of patient care and access to important medical equipment throughout Berks County.

Building relationships that make our community better…That’s younity.

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